Give a Celebration of Handel for Christmas

Here’s an original Christmas present: the gift of Handel’s inspirational music.  Tickets are now on sale for ‘The Justly Celebrated Mr. Handel’: a four days of wondrous music at Pacific Baroque Festival, 19-22 February 2015 (Victoria BC).  A perfect gift for music-lovers.  A distinctive gift from the last-minute shopper.

Blog Dec photoYou can purchase tickets now on-line (purchase now and tickets will be mailed to you), by phone 250.386.5311 or visit the following locations:

Victoria Conservatory of Music (900 Johnson St)
Ivy’s Book Shop (Oak Bay Village)
Long & McQuade (756 Hillside Ave)
Tanner’s Books (Beacon Ave, Sidney)

Handel’s music performed on instruments of his time as he might have intended.  Give a Festival Pass or introduce them to Handel with a concert ticket. They will not be disappointed.  Tickets can be ordered online.


J.S. Bach: Moods and Colours

Whether you are passionate about Bach’s music or just a little curious, this year’s Festival “J.S. Bach: For Music-Lovers to Refresh Their Spirits” will interest you.  For those who are passionate, this will be a rare occasion to enrich themselves through an exploration of Bach’s work in greater context than through a solitary concert.

The curious, on the other hand, will discover that Bach’s music is very accessible.  John Elliott Gardiner describes Bach’s music as “full of vigor and life” and “music that shows more and more signs of an almost limitless appeal”.   This year’s Festival provides some convenient doors through which the curious can experience Bach.

violinDon’t let this year’s Festival slip by.  The Festival’s Artistic Director, Marc Destrubé, has brought together musicians whose period performances will bring a freshness and new understanding to Bach’s music.   It will likely be a while before Victoria will have the opportunity to experience four days of Bach’s brilliance.

One final comment from John Elliott Gardiner on Bach’s music: “It’s life-enhancing music that draws on dance, that draws on opera and pop music of the day and has a spiritual and a joyous side to it. There are so many different moods, so many different colours.” (interview with The Daily Beast, 11.10.13)


Bach’s Music Transcends Time

It’s hard to believe that nine years have gone by and we are about to present our tenth festival. We have covered a great variety of baroque music over the years, from the courts of Versailles and Vienna, and from London to Venice. Now we return to the featured composer of our very first festival, and the greatest of them all, Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach’s music summed up everything that had been done until then in baroque style, but also transcends time with its brilliance, tenderness, spirituality and complexity. Bach is also

Marc Destrube

Marc Destrube

the perfect festival composer, as he wrote music in so many different genres: chamber music, orchestral music, vocal music both secular and sacred, and sublime music for his own instrument, the organ. This year’s festival will include music that is funny, music that is profoundly expressive and music that is simply exhilarating, both for us performers and for you the audience. We welcome an internationally renowned organist to perform on the outstanding organ at Christ Church Cathedral, and two outstanding Canadian soloists to sing two of Bach’s most popular cantatas. We also join our host, the Victoria Conservatory of Music, in celebrating their 50th anniversary by including participants in their Advanced Vocal Programme as soloists in our Saturday night concert. As always, the Pacific Baroque Orchestra, the Victoria Children’s Choir and the St. Christopher’s Singers will have an important role in the concerts.

Please come to one concert or to them all; you will hear an extraordinary variety of music by one of the greatest composers of all time.

Marc Destrubé

The Pacific Baroque Festival welcomes its first Festival Sponsor: The Renaissance Retirement Residences.  A partnership dedicated to presenting musical by baroque masters.  Join us 6-9 March and explore the music of J.S. Bach.