“A Little Consort” Thursday 21 February (11am)

William Lawes

William Lawes

Our Thursday concerts introduce a rich and fascinating world of music composed in Henry Purcell’s time for small ensembles: violins, viola da gamba and keyboard. The morning program focuses on the trio sonata form: music composed for two treble instruments and basso continuo. The bass line is most often played by combining a bowed instrument with a keyboard and/or a plucked instrument, leading to a ‘trio’ in fact being made up of at least four players!

In Purcell’s day a lot of music was performed in the intimate setting of a home or private performance at court. (It might be interesting to relate this to the emergence of today’s phenomenon of ‘house concerts’).  ‘Consort’ music and trio sonatas were initially composed for these private performances, leading later to the trio sonata becoming the predominant chamber music form in the baroque era, replaced only in the 19th century by the string quartet.

The 11am concert on Thursday morning will introduce the Festival audience to the musical world of Henry Purcell. It offers a program of music by two of Purcell’s predecessors, William Lawes, composer to Charles I, and to Purcell’s family friend, Matthew Locke, his predecessor as Composer for the Violins at the court of Charles II.  Shaped by the emerging French and Italian influences, Purcell created a unique baroque style of remarkable English music.  The presence in London of the Italian Nicola Matteis would have been one such influence; in fact there were plans for Matteis to join Purcell and another Italian, Battista Draghi on the staff of a projected Royal Academy that never materialised.


We invite ticketholders to the 11am concert to a complimentary coffee in the Wood Hall from 10am.  This coffee is hosted by Somerset House.  The 11am concert is made possible thanks to the support of The Pinch Group at Raymond James.

A Little Consort”
Thursday 21 February (11am) – Alix Goolden Hall
st concert of “Welcome to All the Pleasures: The music of Henry Purcell”

Pacific Baroque Festival 2013
Tickets: $25 Adults; $20 Seniors/Students


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  1. A great idea especially for this bonsai guy who also enjoys music certainly that of the 17th .. What do I do to but a ticket for Thursday Feb. 21…GH

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